Retailers may turn to inventory financing as consumers expected to spend more on travel this summer

With Americans expected to increase their spending on vacations this summer, retail sales could dip slightly. 

As a result, small- to medium-sized businesses may need to turn to inventory financing to continue to operate at normal levels while cash flow may be lagging. 

The latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker found that 69 percent of consumers plan to travel in the next three months, up from 59 percent in 2012. Nearly a third said they would spend more than $1,000 per person on their trips, up from 27 percent in the previous year. The average expenditure per person is expected to be $1,145. 

"Whether it's a historical tour of Europe's capitals or a family beach vacation, consumers are spending the time or money it takes, and relying on expert resources like travel agents, to create authentic experiences with those that matter most," said said Claire Bennett, executive vice president at American Express Travel. 

U.S. retailers got a more than expected bump in sales during May, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, but this could ease in the summer with more families getting away. 

Should this lead to fewer sales at small- to medium-sized businesses, cash flow could slow. During these trying times, some retailers may turn to banks for a loan, but with limited available capital, companies of this size are often turned away. 

Luckily, inventory financing is an available option for businesses told "No" by a bank. This form of asset-based lending allows retailers to use current product as collateral to obtain a revolving line of credit

This line of credit can be utilized to get through periods where cash flow may be lagging so retailers can continue to operate at normal levels.