Recent Accomplishments

Childrens Toys

Crossroads Financial is pleased to announce that it has provided a $500,000 Purchase Order Financing facility for the benefit of a distributor of children’s toys.  The company, faced with large orders ahead of the Star Wars movie premier, needed to pay their supplier, located in Asia, to produce and ship the product on time.   Instead of going out to raise equity, the company engaged Crossroads to provide transactional financing, providing Letters of Credit to the Asian manufacturer and making sure the products were on the shelves in time for the holiday season.

“By facilitating the transaction, Crossroads was able to help our client put on orders that would not have been possible without our help” commented Darren Palestine, Director of Sales at Crossroads.  “We believe our client can take advantage of this publicity and film release to create new opportunities in the future.”

                                                 Sports Manufacturer

Crossroads Financial is pleased to announce that is has provided a sports apparel manufacturer and wholesaler with a $1,000,000 Inventory Revolving Financing Facility.  The manufacturer, experiencing increasing sales and opening new channels, entered into a relationship with a factor who created liquidity for the company through an Accounts Receivable Factoring Facility.   The factor, not wanting to advance on Inventory, contacted Crossroads to partner with them and provide a stand-alone Inventory Revolver to assist with Inventory purchases and provide financing against Inventory-in-transit.

“Crossroads is able to provide value for any receivable lender or factor not willing to advance on Inventory” described Lee Haskin, CEO of Crossroads.  “We create the Cure For the Common Over-Advance for our factoring and receivable lending partners.”

                                                        Nutritional Products

Crossroads Financial is pleased to announce that it has closed a $750,000 Inventory revolving line of credit for the benefit a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional products. The incumbent lender, providing a factoring facility and a small Inventory accommodation loan, recommended Crossroads to the borrower, as the borrower needed a lender who could provide more availability against the Inventory. This partnerships created a win-win for everyone involved as the lender is continuing to provide a factoring facility and the client now has the funding to continue to grow.

The manufacturer, faced with a cash-crunch as the business rapidly expanded, turned to Crossroads to create a new working capital solution that would help them fill additional orders, as well as pay down vendors who had extended credit.  “These types of transactions are Crossroads’ “bread and butter” in the industry:  creating value for our factor partners is what we strive for” said Darren Palestine, Director of Sales. “We are always happy when they turn to us- especially when we are able to generate more invoices to factor or finance.”

                                                        Frozen Meats

Crossroads Financial is pleased to announce that it has provided a $1,500,000 Purchase Order Financing Facility for the benefit of a distributor of frozen meats.  The company, experiencing rapid growth, needed a PO financing facility to allow the company to fulfill orders to meet the demands of new customer relationships.  Additionally, with low margins and high volume, the company needed a lender who would be flexible and facilitate the exponential growth.

Crossroads partnered with a lender, who is providing an accounts receivable facility that offers additional working capital to the client.  The combined resources that these facilities provide allow the client to capitalize on sales without being limited by a lack of capital. This mutually beneficial relationship will generate more invoices for the lender to factor- a win-win for everyone involved.

Crossroads Financial is a stand-alone Inventory lender offering revolving lines of credit against existing inventory, as well as Purchase Order Financing.  Crossroads does not finance receivables; rather the company provides a complementary product suited to any asset based lending or factoring relationship.


Crossroads Financial is pleased to announce that it has provided a $4,000,000 Purchase Order Financing facility for the benefit of a manufacturer and distributor of electronic components used in aircraft systems.  Faced with a large increase in order volume from three Fortune 500 customers, the company turned to Crossroads, who initially provided a $4MM advance to their supplier, creating an opportunity for the client to fill these orders.  Through this initial order, the company has become a market leader in obsolescence management to high reliability system manufacturers designed to help minimize the impact and risk associated with end of life of key electronic components. Crossroads will be supporting the ongoing needs of the company as they experience rapid growth from a new product launch.

Crossroads teamed up with a factor who is providing a $7.7 million AR Factoring Facility.  “This transaction speaks to the flexibility of Crossroads Purchase Order Financing program” said Jim Rothman, President of Crossroads.  “Crossroads was able to quickly address a massive issue for this company which could not be solved by a traditional lender.”  “It took components of our PO finance program and blended it with inventory needs of the client for creative solution to our client’s distinct needs.”