Many Americans still fearful of losing their jobs

Despite the positive jobs report in April, many Americans are still uneasy about their job security, which could impact consumer spending in the coming months. 

Should people spend less money at retailers out of fear of losing their jobs in the near future, U.S. retailers could enter a period where cash flow falls below normal levels. During these periods, operating at normal levels can be difficult without assistance, but small- to medium-sized businesses are often turned away from banks. However, inventory financing might be available to help push through tough times. 

According to a study by, 44 percent of Americans are currently concerned about losing their jobs. Respondents are aware of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, but the majority don't believe it has had any impact on employment opportunities in their area. 

"The underlying rationale behind the JOBS Act – as long as it doesn't get screwed up – is incredibly powerful and necessary for our country right now," said Ryan Feit, co-founder and CEO of SeedInvest. "Innovation and jobs are at stake with the JOBS Act. The fact that it's taking so long is frustrating, but it's not a secret that raising capital is an antiquated process."

The employment situation showed promising signs of improvement in April, as 165,000 jobs were added to the economy, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but uncertainty is still abound in the minds of Americans. 

If consumer spending at retailers falls off as a result of job security worries, small- to medium-sized businesses could be in for some difficult months. However, inventory financing can provide them with the assistance needed to get through periods where cash flow is lagging, as this form of asset-based lending allows retailers to use current inventory as collateral to gain access to a revolving line of credit