Lending Partners

Revolving Inventory Lines of Credit & Purchase Order Financing

Crossroads Financial currently works with a myriad of lending partners, including factors, accounts receivable lenders, and other commercial finance professionals. In all cases, the common theme is we’re here to help you expand your business reach and increase your revenues.

Partnering with Crossroads will allow you to offer two more lending products to your prospects, purchase order financing and inventory financing, which will differentiate you from your competition and help you stand above the rest in a crowded marketplace.

Don’t lose an existing client to a competitor who is already offering our inventory revolver or pass on new client opportunities because receivable collateral is insufficient by itself to take out your prospect’s existing lender.

You will retain longer client relationships by offering them additional, yet complimentary financing which stops them from ever having to look elsewhere. Our inventory based revolving line of credit works in conjunction with your receivables financing to get the deal onto your books and keep it there.

Maximize availability under your line for your credit.

  • Increase your clients’ accounts receivable
  • Help your client increase sales
  • Help your client pay down A/P

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